Ingredients make your hair shine.








Holistic beauty for hair, skin and body. Plant-powered hair care rooted in nature.









Rooted in Science



Rooted in science, pursuing technological innovation, and mastering multiple cores Patented technology; joint research and development by JNU; High temperature ultraviolet double 360 sterilization process, No formaldehyde release, polyol anti-corrosion.

 As a cutting-edge personal care brand, CNMOFAXIN has always adhered to the concept of "quality and efficacy", while interpreting the beauty of oriental hair, it also reconstructs the functional care life of modern people. It provides consumers with a series of proven effective and safe personal care products, covering five major categories - washing, bathing, skin care, hair dyeing and styling.

CNMOFAXIN advocates the use of environmentally friendly, scientific and healthy methods both inside and outside the product, so that people can enjoy a happy and effective washing and care experience.

Safty and Efficiency

People-oriented, science and technology as innovation, environmental protection as foundation